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Preventive Maintenance
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Don't just take our word for it.  Here is what some of our customers are saying. For more just click the links below.

  • "Great quick service and very kind people who work there!" recommendation from Nancy Bartlett

  • "Quality service with exceptionally friendly employees . We had a breakdown very far from home, they accommodated us immediately, and offered cold water coffee and a nice AC space for us to wait. Very pleased, and thankful for them." Facebook recommendation from  Laurel Aifd

  • "This company saved me literally thousands of dollars when I used them to do a pre inspection of a vehicle I was buying. They were friendly, helpful, and honest. I highly recommend you use them before you buy a used vehicle. Trust me the little bit of expense could save you a ton of money. Thank you Ashley and Christ for your wonderful job."  Five Star Review from Jason Garlow

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Not only is that true with your health, but for your vehicles health as well.  Staying within the factory recommended maintenance will not only extend the life of your vehicles' moving parts, but will help keep your vehicle under warranty, saving you money.  

There is more to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, look below for more information.  Have no  fear, we are here to help you with all your vehicle's factory recommend maintenance no matter what you drive, from a routine oil change to a BMW or Mercedes Benz A, B, & C level services, we can take care of them all.

Oil Changes

The one service most people think of when you mention preventive maintenance is also one of the most important!

Don't think that all oils are the same though.  Many of the newer cars and European vehicles need specific synthetic oil while your older classics need a thicker conventional oil.

Bring her into the team that understand what your Baby needs.

Yes, your tires need maintenance as well.

Keeping the tire pressure with in manufacturer's recommendation as well as tire rotations will keep your tire wear down as well as helping your vehicle keep miles per hour up.

Don't forget to get your wheel alignment checked at least once a year!

Cooling System Flush

Keep impurities down and your engine at optimum temperatures by keeping your coolant flushed.  Moved here from (or getting ready to move) from up north, or even from warmer climates?  As you move to different climates, each area has a water to antifreeze mix that is specific for that climate.  Go north during cold months and you will have your engine freeze over.  Go to warmer climates and run the risk of over heating.  If you are getting ready to move or just moved, let us know so we can keep your engine nice and cool.

All Cars & Trucks 

Yes we can perform all services on  all vehicles.

Our professional staff can help you with your American muscle, Asian reliable, even European luxury.  BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and more.

Diesels? No problem.  Our guys are trained to tackle your diesel issues.

Belts and Hoses

Believe it or not your belts, hoses, and chains can be considered routine maintenance and your manufacturer has recommended intervals for these to be changed out (typically just before they will were out or break).

Changing them out before they give out will save you time and money from the other parts they break when they go.


Yes brakes need servicing too.  We all love to have our brakes fixed before they break.

Brake flushes, even new pads and shoes, as well as routine adjustments on air brakes, parking brakes, and more need to be done to keep your vehicle stopping on a dime!

Fuel System

Fuel for your vehicle is just like food for you.  Just like you, if you vehicle's fuel system is not right, then it can get too much or not enough fuel.  

Your vehicle need the right fuel (found in your owner's manual), correct filters, water separators (diesel), clean injectors, clean AIR filter,  and more to keep running right.  There is even this little vent tube that if it gets clogged causes a check engine light.  A let's not forget DEF and getting your diesels to go through a regen when necessary.  

However, no fear, our guys know your fuel systems and how to help you get back on the road with the proper power from your fuel.

State Inspections and More!

Wait, what?

A state inspection (or federal) as a routine maintenance?

It is something I have to do once a year (ding) and it helps prevent my vehicle from breaking down (ding, ding).  

Guess what - that is maintenance!

We can perform state and federal inspections as well as help you get any issue that caused it to fail resolved.

Each vehicle that is required to get an inspection has to have it done each year.

With North Carolina you have to have it done before you get your tags renewed.


Preventive Maintenance


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