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Our skilled technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your vehicles intricate brake systems, including:  air brakes, hydraulic brakes, parking brakes, and electrical brakes, regenerative, and ABS system!  This is why we are the best choice for brake repair in Roanoke Rapids, Weldon, and Halifax!

Your braking system may not be rocket science, but it is getting closer by the day!

A simple braking system is not simple at all.  It uses many components, all working together, to help you stop a very heavy, and sometimes very fast moving, vehicle as quickly as possible for turning, parking, and emergency stopping.  Just think, all you have to do to get them to work together is push the brake pedal.

Most vehicles use either a disk brake or drum brake assembly at the wheels to stop. Below is an example of an electric trailer brake assembly.  They all use pads or shoes to push against the revolving drum/rotor to stop the vehicle.  

Electric and hybrid vehicles use the brakes to help generate electricity when you apply the pedal.  This helps the vehicle to reclaim some of the power lost when you slow down or stop.

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Don't just take our word for it.  Here is what some of our customers are saying. For more just click the links below.

  • "Great quick service and very kind people who work there!" recommendation from Nancy Bartlett

  • "Quality service with exceptionally friendly employees . We had a breakdown very far from home, they accommodated us immediately, and offered cold water coffee and a nice AC space for us to wait. Very pleased, and thankful for them." Facebook recommendation from  Laurel Aifd

  • "This company saved me literally thousands of dollars when I used them to do a pre inspection of a vehicle I was buying. They were friendly, helpful, and honest. I highly recommend you use them before you buy a used vehicle. Trust me the little bit of expense could save you a ton of money. Thank you Ashley and Christ for your wonderful job."  Five Star Review from Jason Garlow

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